Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Shower June 21st

So I am pretty sure most of you are aware that one of my best friends Carrie is throwing me a baby shower. She said this baby too deserves to be aknowladged just like my first 2 were. Well, we had forgot to make mention in the invitations where we are registered at. Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. I kept it limited this time to the stuff we absolutely will need, as well as stuff we have needed but never was able to get as of now. Baby is still a suprise for me so I didn't put any cloths items, just really important things needed other then cloths. I feel really weird posting this blog, but the stuff we have on the registry is stuff we are in dire need of, so I figured I would let everyone know what is really needed.
My baby shower is on June 21st @ 1:00 in the afternoon at Round Table Pizza in La Habra. If you are interested in joining us please shoot out an E-Mail to Carrie Matthews @ so she can know how many people are going to join us for all the fun.
Hope to see you all there.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Juniors 2nd Birthday & Dixie's 1st Birthday Party

On Sat June 7, 2008 we celebrated Juniors 2nd Birthday and Dixie's 1st. We all had a blast and were burnt to a crisp. I had a moment of sadness tho, My Aunt Bea had made a comment to Dixie stating that Grandpa was here. We'll me being me heard what I wanted to hear and I turned around to look for my grandpa. Once I snapped back into reality that it was not my grandpa that she was refurring to I kind of had a melt down. I mean I already know on a daily basis how much I miss him and how much I wish I could give him just one more hug, but it isn't until something that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt if he had any say in the matter that he would be there in a heartbeat it kind of wears on you. I know if he was still here with us, he wouldn't have missed it for anything in this world. These kids were his life his last 2 years. Life has changed so much for us since his passing in November. I never in a million years thought I would ever lose him and it is still really hard. Junior had a rough time the first few months after him being gone, he would look all over the house for great grandpa, he didn't understand why he wasn't there. Now it aches my heart to think he has completely forgotten about him. He was only a year and 5 months old when he passed. I am blessed with 27 1/2 wonderful years of memories with my grandpa, and believe me, I wish I had 27 1/2 more years with him, but God wanted him home with him.
Okay now on to the happy stuff, sorry I got a bit sidetract. The birthday party went great and Junior and Dixie had a lot of friends and family show up to spend this wonderful day with them. The big bonus...Great Grandma Rose was able to come. That in itself was awesome. They each got a bunch of much needed cloths, and just enough toys. I want to say thank you to eveyone who showed up and spent this wonderful day with us and also a big thank you for the nice thoughtful gifts. We had a lot of Jed's side of the family that showed up which was very nice. He was so happy to see everyone. Just think next year we will have one more 1 year birthday to celebrate along with a 2 year and 3 year. We are done! No more munchkins for us...Momma is exhausted. LOL.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mommy I sit?!?

I am such the excited mommy today (as well as everyday) but today is a very special day for me. My little man walked into the bathroom this morning as I was in there he looked at me and said "Mommy I sit?" I said "Sure you can sit!" He sat down and started taking off his diaper so I said "it's okay we can take off your diaper." He sat there for a couple of seconds and then reached over and flushed his little handle he has on his pooh potty seat and then got up, and sure enough, he tinkled in his potty seat. When grandma got home I brought out the little bowl to show her and he said "Mommy potty?!?" I said okay let's go sit on the potty and he sat there and squeezed and grunted and groaned and sure enough he tinkled again. Grandma and I were so excited we shouted and told him good job. He tells me afterwards that he pooped, but we have yet to do that in his potty seat. I now completely agree that they will potty train when they are good and ready, because I have tried off and on for a year and he had no interest then all of the sudden out of the blue he did it on his own. I wasn't asking him for it...he asked me. Maybe I will be blessed with a 2 year old little man who is potty trained by the time the new little peanut arrives. Needless to say I am a VERY PROUD mommy.

A day in the L & D ward

I started my long day yesterday about 11:30 Friday night. I hadn't eaten anything since Friday about 7:45. I made myself drink water so when I would throw up I would have something on my tummy to get rid of other then stomach acid. I had been talking and texting my friend Rachel and she finally told me to GO TO THE HOSPITAL. So needless to say I drove myself to Whittier hospital...Jed stayed home with all 4 kids. When I got there I walked up to the ER and told them what was going on and they got right on the phone and called L & D and sure enough they sent e straight through. When I got there they got me my room, started up an IV, took blood, ran some tests and I layed there. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor and contraction monitor and my contractions were 2 - 4 minutes apart which they gave me 2 shots to stop. Rachel came and hung out with me for a good 2 - 2 1/2 hours until my dad got there. He then stayed with me until they released me at 9:30 last night. My dad had made mention to my nurse that I had had previous problems with my gaul bladder so she informed my Dr and he ordered me an ultrasound. They said there are no stones, I believe God healed me from them, because when I was pregnant with Junior St Jude said my gaul bladder was so bad that I was supposed to have it remove 6 weeks after Junior was born...I'm sorry folks but gaul stones don't just go away. I know God healed me. Well while she was doing the ultrasound of my gaul bladder I asked her if she could just show me the baby real quick. She said you already know what it is right and I said NO! I have only had one ultrasound and that was when I was 8 weeks pregnant. It is a surprise. She turned the screen so I couldn't see and right away said I know what your having. Do you know how hard it is to not ask her after you KNOW that she KNOWS? So I asked her if I called my mom if she would tell her because she wants to know, she said yes, so I called my mom but then asked Jed if he wanted to know. He did so now JED KNOWS what we are having. They hung up and my mom asked Jed...she wanted hi to know first. So now, Jed and my mom dad and I want it to be a secret. If any of you want to know what we are having ASK JED, just what ever you do DO NOT TELL ME!!! I want to keep it a surprise for me. They ruled out preterm labor. I am anemic and need to take iron pills. Other then that they finally came to the conclusion that the contractions were due to me throwing up and losing the potassium as well that I was very dehydrated. They pumped to of the normal bags full of liquid into me as well as t smaller bags of something that took away the nausea. They were so glad I came in because it could have thrown me into pre term labor. I hate going in when I am not sure because I feel like it is waisting their time, but that actually thanked me for coming in and told me it was the best thing for me to do. They finally released me at 9:30 and I came home and slept and feel MUCH better.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Patty Cake - A - Patty Cake

OM Goodness my little man is the cutest ever! My mom sings Patty Cake with him all of the time. I sing it in the car with him when we are driving places, I sing "Patty Cake - A - Patty Cake - A bakers man bake me a cake as fast as you can"...JP then starts to sing " Roll it, and Pat it, and mark it with a B" and then I finish it off by singing "and put it in the oven for baby and me." Oh my when I heard him sing it the first time I was so excited. He is so smart. He loves that song and to hear the excitement in his voice when he sings it just makes my heart melt. I am going to try to record him singing it. It’s the cutest thing EVER!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

20 weeks and counting

We are finally half way through this pregnancy. Little Peanut is due for arrival on or around August 15, 2008. I have been past the morning sickness for a few months now which is very nice. I have heartburn and my best friend has most recently been "TUMS" I have no clue how I would be able to live without my tums. My blood pressure has been fine and no symptums of Pre-Clampsia. We are still going to have a suprise come due date. I have no prefrence...although another bouncing baby boy would be a nice suprise to kind of even it out, we will be happy for whatever God blesses us with. My belly is still small to say the least, I guess you can say I have a little baby bump but nothing big yet. This little bean is VERY active. I swear it never stays still. I love feeling it move tho, it lets me know that the baby is fine. I am getting so excited and anxious all at the same time. I can hardly wait for August to get here. I am still praying that I will be delivering about 3 weeks early like when I had both Junior and Dixie. I will keep you posted as things progress.